Criminal Defense

Ryan Rapp & Underwood’s criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience representing both individual and corporate clients in criminal matters including, federal and state tax, business crimes and the full range of felony and misdemeanor matters. The firm handles state and federal criminal, regulatory and licensing enforcement cases, representing entities and individuals confronted with prosecution and enforcement actions. Additionally, our expertise also includes serving as victim or witness advocates in the full range of felony and misdemeanor matters.

Attorneys Christopher T. Rapp, Andrew C. Pacheco and Cynthia Kelley routinely assist the firm’s clients in defending against all aspects of state and federal “white-collar” criminal investigations and prosecutions, as well as criminal charges brought against them pertaining to street, DUI, traffic, prohibited substances and disciplinary related issues. Christopher T. Rapp has represented criminal defendants in high profile cases and has practiced criminal defense since 1990. Andrew C. Pacheco brings years of experience as a former Assistant United States Attorney and most recently led the Arizona Attorney General’s Criminal Division.  Cynthia Kelley has also served Arizona as a former Deputy County Attorney for Maricopa County before joining the firm.  The years of knowledge and experience they bring to their current private practices is invaluable.  Further, the firm’s tax attorneys, also represent executives and employees subpoenaed to testify as witnesses in criminal tax matters.

Our expertise includes:

  • Criminal prosecutions from indictment to final resolution.
  • Defending licensed professionals (including accountants, contractors, dentists, lawyers, nurses, optometrists, pharmacists, physicians, pilots, private investigators, psychologists, realtors and security guards) in all aspects of administrative and licensing proceedings.
  • Defending entities and individuals in federal and state RICO and forfeiture cases.
  • Defending entities and individuals in consumer fraud cases.
  • Criminal violations of employee and executive embezzlement, and threats of workplace violence.

In addition, civil cases in the federal and state tax arena have significant criminal implications. Criminal matters often proceed with civil investigations. The attorneys at Ryan Rapp & Underwood have extensive experience in handling parallel matters with success.

Attorneys to contact:

Christopher Rapp

Andrew C. Pacheco

Cynthia Kelley