Bankruptcy, Debtor -Creditor Rights, Restructuring and Receiverships

We strive to take all reasonable steps to help clients avoid the courtroom when negotiated solutions are possible. But, when judicial proceedings are necessary, we move quickly to protect client interests whether in the bankruptcy court or other litigation forums. We represent debtor businesses throughout Arizona in challenging restructurings and use creative but disciplined approaches to the restructuring of middle-market and small companies as well as single asset and special purpose entities. Our attorneys promote finding value and facilitating the best possible solutions to the issues facing financially troubled businesses. Our reputation and capabilities as business restructuring counsel has led our attorneys to participate in the bankruptcies of auto dealerships, salvage companies, restaurants and entertainment enterprises, construction and landscaping companies, recreational properties and real estate investors and developers, as well as receiverships of financial institutions. Business bankruptcies are multi-faceted in their requirements for versatile legal talent and we have experienced lawyers in tax, pension, employment, litigation, real estate, corporate, business and commercial transactions and insurance law to draw on for assistance.

Attorneys to contact:

Franklin (Troy) Dodge, Certified Specialist
J. Henk Taylor