Ryan Rapp & Underwood

Founded in 1994, Ryan Rapp & Underwood is a full-service, AV-rated, mid-size law firm with attorneys who have big firm training and experience. Our attorneys are determined to provide high-quality legal services to the firm’s valued corporate and individual clients on a more personal, efficient and cost-effective basis. We can assist our clients in practically every area of law.

The firm provides legal services in all civil matters, including commercial and tort litigation, contracts, construction, insurance, and negligence claims. We have an extensive real estate and commercial finance practice and also offer expertise in tax and bankruptcy, restructuring, and receivership matters. We also have an experienced criminal law practice with a focus on major felony, misdemeanor and serious traffic offenses, as well as an equally talented array of attorneys who practice in the area of family law, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) and estate planning. Finally, we are active in appellate matters and provide alternate dispute resolution services, including mediations and arbitrations.


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